I have alway wanted to use the gift that only I have to glorify God more. He gave them to me so I can shine in his alway shining light. We are always able to learn from everyone and I really mean everyone. Not one of us will ever have the exact same perspective on something as someone else. Imagine 10 artists are on the same room together some of them have spent 50 years perfecting their art well some have Doctorate degrees in art. Let’s say there’s also some in the room we have never taken an art class in their life. Each one of them still has something they can unique bring that we can learn from.

The verse from the Bible I’ve chosen it’s from the story and Mark 9 about the Man Who brings his son who is full of demons to the disciples and they are not able to cast them out. Jesus comes in casting out the demons of the boy and tells his disciples why they couldn’t cast it out. It was because they didn’t have a life of prayer like he did. I think he also wanted them to learn how to have a life of prayer like him.

Mark 9:23 NIV

“If you can’?” Said Jesus everything is possible for the one who believes.”

I want to alway now that when I believe in the good things God says we will do for me I don’t want there to be doubt anymore. This theme has been coming up in my life for a long time. I keep seeming to come back to the words believe and doubt. I thank I memorize this verse about 4 years ago In James1:6 But, when you ask you must believe and not doubt because the one who doubts is like the wave, blown and tossed by the wind. Little by little God has been teaching me how to have less doubt in my life and more belief.

Bible Journaling

This is my rough planed out sketch before I got started on the art. It helps ensure less mistakes before working on the Bible.It took me about 3 hours to plan it out and gather up all the materials along with practicing how to write out the verse in an artistic way.

Time-lapse of part of the Art.

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