Hi, my Name is Amy and I want to inspire others through my art by creating beautiful art that is inspired by nature. I'm the youngest in a big family with a twin sister. Every time I blink, it seems like my family is only growing bigger. I am so blessed to have so many people that love me. I make my ceramic pieces at Allen stoneware in Erie PA. I love using clay as an art form because there are so many unique ways to use it. I have now moved to MN and have been working on new creative skills.  God's fingerprints are everywhere in nature and nature's seeing his glory.  


Life is made up of moments that can inspire the soul in creating the masterpiece that brightens up our world and fills it with color. I also make bracelets out of weaving strings together with a loom creating one-of-a-kind jewelry.  That is only a few of the art forms that I make and sell, you can see many more as you look through what's for sale in the store. Trying new art forms is a must especially if it means creating something new and fascinating.